Friday, September 11, 2009



Launched in 2003, Skype has broken international communication barriers. Now keeping in contact with people from different parts of the world is a lot easier and a lot more affordable. With 445 million users, it has become the largest long distance phone company.

What you can do on Skype:


Skype to Skype calls are free
Transfer calls to people on skype is free
Video calls
Instant messaging and group IMs
Conference calls
Forward class to people on skype

With skype Credit

Call phones and mobiles ( price depends on country rate)
Receive calls from phones and mobiles with an online number ($18 for 3 months and $60 for 12 months)
Send and receive voicemails while online or offline ($6 for 3 months and $20 for 12 months)
Skype To Go number (call phones and mobiles through your cellphone)
Forward calls to phones
Send SMS messages
Transfer calls to phones and mobiles

Facilitating Design Collaboration

Design companies are now utilizing skype to have video conferences with partners and clients located in a different city or country. Skype facilitates file exchange and is a good collaborative tool in critiquing or discussing work.

Language Education

Websites are partnering with skype to provide whole lists of language exchange partners. Toniks is a company that uses skype for video lessons between people in different parts of the world. Learn a different language from any part of the world. “With skype as their e-learning platform. Toniks can draw the best from all over the world with needing people to relocate, and gives their students the unique opportunity to learn from qualified tutors.”


35 % of Skype users say they use skype in a business setting
20 % use Skype video for business purposes
70 % say they use Skype for business while traveling

Percentage of Users in the World

Americas: 41 %
Europe & Africa: 34%
Asia & Pacific: 25%

10% of iPhone users downloaded the Skype applications

In under 36 hours after it first appeared, Skype for iPhone has hit the number one spot in the following countries, being the most downloaded free app in the App Store.

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  1. Skype is such a great program! Social networks are great to keep in touch with people, but it's so amazing to actually get to see the other person through the computer.
    My parents love it because they're able to see my nephew, their grandson, even though he lives in Philadelphia and they live in Georgetown.
    Hmm... I really should start to use it more to actually see my friends that live outside of Austin.