Sunday, September 13, 2009

Businesses on Facebook

  • Businesses use Facebook to get more exposure and promote themselves
  • People follow businesses on Facebook to learn more about the business, get coupons, and learn about sales

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Why Businesses Use Facebook

1. To establish long lost contacts
2. To find business partners
3. To post and find jobs
4. For marketing
5. It is easy to approach potential consumers
6. To get repeat exposure with the people in the same network
7. To promote events, sales, special offers and more

Sources: How to Use Facebook for Business: Social Networking 101 for Entrepreneurs, Authors and Speakers by Stephanie Chandler
Reasons to Use Facebook For Business

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How Businesses Use Facebook
1. Pages- Facebook created Pages to give businesses and brands an identity on Facebook. You can “become a fan” of the business.
2. Groups- a group of people create the Group Page. No “become a fan” option. You can “join the group.”
3. Applications- enables small business owners to integrate other social networking tools
4. Polls- use to survey people
5. Facebook Connect- enables a website to easily integrate with Facebook

Source: Facebook for Business: Opportunities and Limitations by Jesse Stay

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Free vs. “Partner” Brand Fan pages
Free brand pages can only add a limited number of applications
--Basic photos, videos, events, RSS feed
--Not all applications that work on your personal profile page will work on your business fan page

Businesses can “partner” with Facebook to create highly impactful brand pages
--Typically around $25k-35k to do a paid partnership
--Buys you heavy specialized branding/skinning, a custom URL
--Also includes ability to do sponsored stories

Source: Comcast Social Media Conference - Facebook for Business Breakout by Eric Weaver and Mike Buchman

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List of Some Social Network
s from Wikipedia

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