Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sustainablity Proposals for The University of Texas at Austin

Our mission was to utilize existing resources and to feed off the culture of the campus to create a more transparent platform for students to engage with sustainable practices. We created a wayfinding system to improve campus maps and add user generated content in order to get students familiar with the campus and sustainable practices.

GreenPoints is a program that aims to educate the University of Texas community on sustainable practices in order to change daily habits that will benefit the future of our planet. The GreenPoints program is structured to encourage user awareness of ways they are already living sustainably along with how lifestyles can be adjusted to reduce our carbon footprint. GreenPoints is a place for students and faculty members who are interested in sustainability to converge.

Green Tips

The UT Sustainability website's goals are to promote UT as a leader of sustainability efforts and to act as a central hub for green organizations to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Encouraging sustainable behavior through game play.

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