Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ethnographic & Sustainability Report

UT Demographic Statistics

Campus Organizations focused on Sustainability
Engineers for a Sustainable World, 160 facebook members

ESW is an organization devoted to sustainable development. We want to find ways to continue to advance technologically without adversely affecting the environment in which we live. We hope to produce UT engineers who are aware of the challenges facing the global community and the power of their chosen disciplines to address some of these challenges."

ReEnergize Texas, 110 facebook members

The ReEnergize Texas regional coalition unites a diversity of students and youth leaders in an alliance that supports and strengthens the student and youth climate movement in Texas. The members of Re-Energize Texas work together to leverage our collective power and create change for energy solutions that are safe, clean, efficient, renewable and just. 

We envision a future and a planet that are both sustainable and equitable."

Longhorns Living Green, 115 facebook members

UT students urging fellow UT students to start LIVING GREEN! We want to emphasize the idea that small changes DO make a BIG difference... small changes DO add up... small changes empower those who might think they dont have a lot of power and influence. Students CAN be the carriers of change as long as they commit to doing just ONE eco-friendly thing a day. Just ONE change... ONE little thing... that's all it takes!"

Green Horns, 102 facebook members

We are the Green Horns, an eco-friendly tailgating crew in Austin. At every football game, we come out in full force to show all of Austin that going green doesn't require giving up everything fun and exciting. We have a passion for Austin, the University of Texas, and the community that shaped our values and drive to always do our best. With our emission free solar power generator, propane grill, reusable dishes, and full recycling of waste we are doing our part to keeping this community as perfect as it has ever been."

  • "Mission "To educate students on sustainability. To connect students to a network of socially responsible professionals and business. To create institutional change advancing environmental awareness at McCombs & The University of Texas at Austin."


The mission of the UT Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) is to lead the study and practice of sustainable development in Texas, the nation and the world through complementary programs of research, education and community outreach."


The Division of Housing and Food Service at The University of Texas at Austin seeks to foster a living and learning experience of environmental stewardship and sustainability awareness. We shall make every effort to develop students and staff who are engaged citizens of the world by increasing their understanding of sustainable living practices and underlining how these practices affect the world around them. We seek to implement policies and procedures that support the decrease of the organization's ecological footprint and make sustainability awareness and practices guiding principles."

Environmental Science Institute, 12 facebook members

"The mission of the Environmental Science Institute is to bring together UT faculty and students in the life, Earth, physical and social sciences to form a focused, interdisciplinary program of environmental research. Interdisciplinary research efforts that cross traditional boundaries of academic departments are necessary to understand the complex interactions of the biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere in the Earth system, as well as the human dimensions of these interactions. The Institute serves as a focal point on campus for a wide scope of interdisciplinary research and teaching. Through the Institute, state-of-the-art research and technology is brought to bear on scientific aspects of environmental change, with dissemination of approaches and findings through graduate and undergraduate teaching as well as public outreach."

Online Sustainability  Survey

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  1. Interesting findings. 100% FB penetration is interesting -- but note the relatively small numbers of fans of UT sustainability groups and the fact that few people know of any sustainability groups on campus?! That tells me these groups are not reaching out and doing the things required to drive number of fans. iPhone/iPod penetration does not surprise me. ATT tells me there are an equal number of BB on campus and the balance are devices that do not support apps/browsers/etc. Glad you asked about SMS -- I think this is an opp'y if you can come up with a clever, engaging approach.